Sporting Analytics

Centralise and report on all recorded data

  • Grid based or graphical chart visualisations
  • Powerful, dynamically filterable reports
  • Intelligent comparison tools
  • View trends using historical data
Talent ID

Coordinate, manage and evaluate players from one centralised hub

  • Store all player information in one location
  • Control access to player data
  • Customise how you assess and report players
  • Coordinate scouting workload
  • Filter data to identify and compare players’ strengths and weaknesses

Customisable questionnaires which monitor player well-being

  • Proactively track player wellbeing
  • Monitor players’ physical condition
  • Create bespoke questionnaires to track tailored information
  • Helps minimise injuries and burnout
Video Analysis

Upload, edit and share videos on the same platform

  • Upload match, training and scouting videos
  • Clip-up videos, tagging players and actions
  • Share videos privately or with an entire squad
  • Breakdown an individual’s performance into a series of scoring clips
Communications & Collaboration

Kinetic enables collaborative working and centralised communications

  • Integrated messaging service
  • Private and group messaging with intelligent notifications
  • Read message receipts; centralised information repository
  • Powerful document sharing
  • Tag individuals or custom groups in comment threads
Medical & Physiotherapy

Kinetic tracks, documents and displays athlete medical information in one location

  • Check health status and player availability
  • Track and report injuries
  • Centralised health hub for player medical reports
  • Access historic player medical data
Squad Management

Manage all your athletes and data from a central location

  • Create custom training schedules
  • Overview of squad status and availability
  • Directly manage individual athletes as well as squads
  • Record and store historic squad and match data
Strength and Conditioning

Create tailored athlete training schedules and upload performance data

  • Administrate bespoke training programmes
  • Individual and squad training plans
  • Record athlete data and body metrics
  • Review and update athlete training programmes
  • All captured data is reported on through the statistics and analysis module
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