Squad Management

Combining a myriad of tools, Kinetic consolidates and improves on the existing functionality of multiple applications, allowing you to coordinate and facilitate club operations through a single, powerful application. Staff roles and permissions enable hierarchal support and bespoke management.

  • Create custom training schedules
  • Overview of squad status and availability
  • Directly manage individual athletes as well as squads
  • Record and store historic squad and match data
Medical & Physiotherapy

Created alongside professional club doctors and physio’s for elite sports teams. Kinetic tracks, documents and displays athlete medical information in one location, providing instant access on player’s injury details. Athletes can be monitored and have their progress tracked alongside the strength & conditioning and health & wellbeing modules.

  • Check health status and player availability
  • Track and report injuries
  • Centralised health hub for player medical reports
  • Access historic player medical data
Video Analysis

Upload, edit and share videos on the same platform. Tag players and assign actions to clips to analyse performance. Scores can be attributed to actions and the data reported on for a squad or individual athlete. Videos can be shared providing opportunities to review an individuals or groups performance. With the use of a video recording device live footage can be clipped in real time.

  • Upload match, training and scouting videos
  • Clip-up videos, tagging players and actions
  • Share videos privately or with an entire squad
  • Breakdown an individual’s performance into a series of scoring clips

Advanced coaching functionality providing valuable analysis and the ability to highlight specific areas for improvement. Coaches can communicate information and ideas with greater clarity enhancing communication.

  • Annotate key match moments
  • Share tailored analytics with multiple audiences
  • Ability to perform a private one to one review
  • Utilise multiple tools when creating visuals
Strength and Conditioning

Developed in conjunction with industry leading S&C PhD sports scientists, Kinetic is redefining how we deliver and track S&C. Coaches can create tailored athlete training schedules and capture performance data.

  • Administrate bespoke training programmes
  • Individual and squad training plans
  • Record athlete data and body metrics
  • Review and update athlete training programmes
  • All captured data is reported on through the statistics and analysis module
Coaching Sessions

Developed in conjunction with coaches from all sports, Kinetic provide coaches the tools to create tailored training schedules and capture performance data from athletes.

  • Administrate bespoke coaching programmes
  • Define squad training plans for the season
  • Set target RPEs and capture athlete RPEs per session
  • Review and update squad training programmes
  • All captured data is reported on through the sporting analytics module
Sports Science

Monitor RPE based training loads including Acute and Chronic workloads. Import and report on GPS data imported from industry leading wearable providers.

  • Graphically represent RPE based training loads for squads and individuals
  • Graphically represent imported GPS data for matches and individuals
  • StatSport & Catapult GPS imports automatically matched up with players
  • Set KPI’s to meet your reporting requirements
  • Import spreadsheet data
Sporting Analytics

A centralised analytics module that reports on data collected throughout Kinetic on individual and squad information. Within the visually engaging reports, analyse and compare bespoke trends using powerful dynamic filters.

  • Grid based or graphical chart visualisations
  • Powerful, dynamically filterable reports
  • Intelligent comparison tools
  • View trends using historical data
Integrated Collaboration

Kinetic enables collaborative working and centralised communications across the entire application. Conversations and analysis can be made public or restricted to groups/individuals helping support player progression. All correspondence can be recorded and maintained in one location streamlining contact methods.

  • Integrated messaging service
  • Private and group messaging with intelligent notifications
  • Read message receipts; centralised information repository
  • Powerful document sharing
  • Tag individuals or custom groups in comment threads

Kinetic provides customisable questionnaires which monitor player well-being. Push notifications ensure reminders to players are received. Using historical data, trends are identifiable and in-depth analysis is possible with the sporting analytics module.

  • Proactively track player wellbeing
  • Monitor players’ physical condition
  • Create bespoke questionnaires to track tailored information
  • Helps minimise injuries and burnout
Talent ID

Coordinate, manage and evaluate players from one centralised hub. A database of player profiles is created and grown providing statistical data and comparisons between players. Prospects who join the club can be transferred into a squad with their historical information kept. The recording tool for matches is designed so it can be used pitch side for real time analysis.

  • Store all player information in one location
  • Control access to player data
  • Customise how you assess and report players
  • Coordinate scouting workload
  • Filter data to identify and compare players’ strengths and weaknesses
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