11th November 2018
Fix / Improvements
Talent ID - Amended the player graphs to represent percentage values
Talent ID - Allowing the history of configuration changes to be visualised correctly
Attendance - Changed the data to percentages
Questionnaires - Changed the data to percentages
New Functionality
Talent ID - All players positions are now recorded, rather than just their typical position
6th November 2018
Fix / Improvements
Medical View - Improved the responsive elements on the medical index for phones
Talent ID - Change average score to a percentage on the player index to better represent their performance over time
New Functionality
Strength and Conditioning - Added ability to tag (aerobic, strength etc) exercises which are displayed against a session
Strength and Conditioning - Added new dashboard
5th November 2018
Fix / Improvements
Calendar - Fix to repeat events as they weren't being created for old events from the previous app version
31st October 2018
Fix / Improvements
Messenger - General UI fixes
26th October 2018
Fix / Improvements
UI Enhancement - add area fill to all line graphs (Reporting and Talent ID)
25th October 2018
Fix / Improvements
Medical - Added back button to injury view in player profile
New Functionality
Medical - Added functionality to tag a video clip as an Injury and attach it to a player injury
22nd October 2018
New Functionality
New application deployed
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